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I educate business owners on using proven business frameworks to confidently run a successful business, accelerate profits, and avoid the pitfalls of going it alone

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Michael Robertson/ Founder

My personal and career journey has been compelling and somewhat unconventional. Adversity has been a constant in my career, strengthening and broadening my experience. 
Establishing Zenith Transformation Consulting and Coaching (Zenith TCC) to leverage my extensive experience with complex stakeholder management, strategic leadership, and business transformation has been a fantastic and rewarding journey.
As an Interim CEO, Business Coach, and Consultant, I have helped companies evolve and improve their financial performance. I focus on negotiating challenges and disputes and providing long-term strategic plans in consultation with owners or Boards.

1 to 1 Business Coaching

Being a business owner can be challenging and exhausting with never ending worries.Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and finding that the day to day is getting on top of you ?

There are many solutions to diagnose the issues that are impacting your business, team and you personally. It starts with understanding the root cause as many times the issue you believe is the problem in fact is the secondary issue not primary issue.

Reach out to discuss a free business diagnostic report, it takes only 30 minutes

Business Builder System- the next level

The Business Builder framework is designed to accurately determine at what stage your  business is at present, while at the same time highlighting critical areas that you need to focus on to ensure your business grows and succeeds.

The Business Builder System uses an algorithm developed by incorporating the lessons and insights gained from working with 1000s of business owners over the last 20 years.

Applying the framework will drastically increase your chance of building a sustainable business in the shortest time.

Mediator/Confict Resolution

Issues unresolved can cause matters to degrade and only by communication can things be resolved.

Going to court can cost thousands of dollars and take a toll on both parties and consume a great deal of time taking you away from your core business and family.

Mediation is a proven framework that takes both parties through a structured process to engage in open dialogue and hopefully reach a agreement.I act as independent third party.

This can be done in a face to face method or virtually via online video meetings.

I encouarge you to contact me as this process works with a 80%+ success rate.

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