Business Growth Platform

Tools to suit every business is transformational

Imagine having access to your own suite of tools to accelerate your business or turnaround the results.

The combination of tools provides a lasting impact.

Not just on your business but on your life.

Your ability to deal with fast-paced change will accelerate. Your decision-making will become more confident and decisive. You’ll be a better leader.

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  • Business Builder

    The business builder modules cover a broad spectrum of activities in your business.

    They can broadly be grouped into the following areas:

    1. Product/market fit: market segmentation, finding and growing customers

    2. Revenue growth: marketing strategy, sales performance

    3. Operational performance: capability, financial management

    4. Capacity for growth: managing the optimal team, Innovation

    5. Driving towards future goals: business planning, governance

  • Business Accelerator


    1. Organisational alignment model: how will the vision be cascaded through the business ensuring that each business unit and the person knows exactly what is expected and how success will be measured.
    2. Shareholder value model: this model ensures the three main levers driving value are considered i.e. how will you grow? How will they manage efficiencies? How will you manage capital?

      3. Culture model: what is the current culture?  Ultimately people to execute the strategy, and if this is to happen, they need to understand the culture and how to motivate people

      4.   2-5 years financial plan: what are the financial targets to ensure sustainability? You need to plan and forecast financial performance that will be cascaded down to sales, marketing, and operations.

  • Business Turnaround

    The approach is based on 1300 Researched Businesses over a 20 year period resulting in the four turnaround focus areas with the highest correlation to success.

    1. Discipline of focus- focus on your wildly import goals (WIGs)
    2. Discipline of Leverage- act on lead measures
    3. Discipline of engagement-use a compelling scorecard
    4. Discipline of Accountability-create a cadence of accountability

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